Information for patients

Thyroid scintigraphy

Scintigraphy of the thyroid gland is a method of nuclear medicine, which studies its state with the help of radioactive isotopes. This method is the only method of functional imaging, that is, provides information on the functional activity of the gland tissue.

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The Regional oncology center of Semey informs about the absence of the fluorouracil preparation for 2017, as its market value is higher than the price of the established MCE of the RK. A single distributor of LLP SK Pharmacy does not deliver this product.

Patient registration rules for referral to Highly specialized medical care (HSMC)

Rules of registration of patients in the direction of HSMC.

At the pre-hospital stage, consultation and coordination of hospitalization with specialists of medical institutions for the provision of VSMP to the electronic address are conducted. After coordination, a survey is carried out on the required list of studies. An extract with the results of the research, documents (a copy of the identity) is transmitted by the courier to the Healthcare Department(HCD).
Specialists of HCD enter the portal.

The talon of planned hospitalization and referral is given to the patient with the indicated date of hospitalization.

The procedure for admission to a consultation in Semey Regional Oncology Center


In accordance with section 2 of the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 01.11.2011.   №1263 “On approval of the Rules for the provision of primary health care and Rules for the attachment of citizens to PHC organizations” and the order of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan No.909 of 29.12.2012. “On approval of the Rules of payment for medical services provided to oncological patients within the framework of the guaranteed volume of free medical care”, out-patient patients (including residents of the Eastern region of the East Kazakhstan region) should apply to the polyclinic at their place of residence. In case of detection of oncological pathology, the patient is sent to the territorial oncological dispensary. Only after entering the patient into the Oncological Registry at the place of residence, the patient has the right to re-register with another oncological dispensary, if desired.

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