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Dear colleagues, doctors oncologists, doctors pathomorphologists, doctors, hematologists, doctors, endoscopists of oncological profile! We invite you to participate in the International Scientific and Practical Master Class “Innovative Approaches in the Diagnosis of Cancer Diseases”, which will be held on the basis of the Regional Oncological Dispensary of the City of Semey, August 26-28, 2017. The work of the master class will be attended by scientists from Japan and Kazakhstan. Participation in the master class is free. Certificates will be issued. Payment for travel, accommodation, meals are carried out at the expense of the visiting party. To participate in the master class, it is necessary to apply for participation by e-mail before August 14, 2017: Kuantkan_85@mail.ru. It will be very interesting, you will find a rich program in an interesting world of modern diagnostics of malignant tumors! We are waiting for everyone!

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State Communal Enterprise on the Right of Economic Management “Semey Regional oncology center of Semey” of the HealthCare Department of the East Kazakhstan regional akimat announces a competition for the position of a member of the supervisory council.

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