About center

Formation of the center

The founder of cancer care in Semipalatinsk is Belskaya Erica Rudolfovna, honored doctor of the Kazakh SSR, an excellent health care, a doctor of the highest qualification category. In 1948 the first oncological office was opened in Semipalatinsk. In 1959, there was organized the regional oncology center. Under her leadership, there was the formation of regional oncology center as the largest hospital providing specialized medical care to cancer patients of the town and the countryside. There was a medical examination of cancer patients, systematic visits of oncologists to the districts of the region, as well as the communication with medical institutions of the town. There also entered the professional examinations organized by population, household medical examinations. Cytological and radioisotope laboratories were opened in 1967. In 1970, the Oncology center became a school of excellence in Kazakhstan for the prevention and provision of cancer care to patients. “The open day” and total area visits of oncologists were introduced.

All initiatives were fixed and continued by Kolker Аlbert Alexandrovich, who worked as a chief doctor from 1974 to 1993. With his active participation, a three-stored standard building was built, as well as a two-stored extension to the radiological building. A. A. Kolker made a great contribution to the development of surgical and radiation treatment of cancer patients. He gave a wealth of his professional experience to young, present working doctors.

Since 1993 Abaev Abdulmanap Abuevich became a chief doctor of the Oncology center. With his direct participation, since 1995 the Semipalatinsk – Houston partnership (Texas, the USA) has been launched, due to that, the material and technical base of the dispensary has been strengthened, autoclaves, beds, surgical instruments, bandaging materials, medicines and much more have been obtained. Six specialists were trained in the USA for 3 years, and 10 specialists – in the CIS countries. А model post was established in the Department of intensive care, the Department of pharmacy was organized, control and quality of laboratory research were improved, an educational and methodical study was opened.   An international cancer registration program has been introduced.

From 1998 to present time, the oncology center is headed by Sandybaev Marat Nurlanbekovich — a doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, Docent of Department of Oncology of Semey State medical University, doctor of the highest qualification category, author of many publications in national and international publications, methodical recommendations for doctors. He actively engaged in social activities. He also maintains contact with public organizations, attracts them to the problems of oncology.

The staff of the oncology center is multinational and different in age. Here are doctors, who worked for many years: the surgeon, the oncologist of the highest qualifying category, high achiever of health is Beznedelny G. D.; surgeon, doctor of higher category is Beznedelny G. D., surgeons are: Shelepov V. A., Velichko L. B., Bobko V. F., Ulyanov V. S., Boldyrev, G. A., Yakubenko V. M., Kaliev T.K., Abisheva Z. A., Makienko A. P.. Doctors radiologists are: Arizer A. I., Zagorodnev E. N., doctor pathohistologist is Carneckaya V.F., doctors laboratorians are Guseva R.T., Los` V. F., Anastaseva K.F..Today the doctors mentors: Khazipova G. A., Bukhtiyarova T. O., Tyunkin I.L. are working here and continuing to convey the experience.