For patients

Social support and rehabilitation, disability registration.

Dear patients! On issues of social assistance and rehabilitation, you can turn to room N 2a, which is located on the ground floor of the dispensary department (polyclinic) from 8am to 4pm without lunch break. Phone 8 (7222) 774159.

You will be provided with advice on the following issues:
Consultation on the collection of documents for determining the relationship of the disease with the landfill (Expert Council)
Examination of documents for determining the connection between the disease and the test site (Expert Council)
Delivery of documents for determining the connection of the disease with the polygon (Expert Council) for patients of the target group (stationary patients, over 70, nonresident, etc.)
Consultation on the return of funds spent for travel during the passage of treatment (diagnostic procedures) in other medical institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Consultation on the collection of documents for patients with disability for the main disease (ITU)
Examination of documents for patients who are disabled for the main disease (ITU)
Consultation on the provision of benefits for disabled I, II, III groups (individual income tax, vehicle tax, land tax, property tax, etc.)
The patient support desk coordinates issues related to the support of patients for social rehabilitation, interacts with public associations and state structures.


With the purpose of timely registration of documents for disability, citizens who are registered in the oncology center of Semey, we inform you,that:
According to the order of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 30.01.2015, N 44 “On approval of the Rules for conducting medical and social expertise,” the issue of disability registration is conducted no earlier than 120 days after the diagnosis was made by an unemployed patient (unemployed, student, pensioner) diseases and disorders of the body. In case the patient works, the disability sheet is issued for 120 or 180 days, respectively, and at the end of this period, the issue of registration of Form 088 (referral to medical and social expertise), depending on the stage of the disease and the disruption of the function of organs and systems.
Additional information and a list of necessary documents are posted on information stands of the dispensary offices. You can receive counseling in the Patient Support Room (PSR) in the clinic, room No. 2A (telephones 8 (7222) 774159, 774230).
In addition, you can get advice from a doctor at the clinic for attachment to the dispensary, as well as your local therapist at your place of inhabitation.